Terms & Conditions

DA Stables is a Belgian company operating under VAT#BE0823439730. DA disposes of all necessary bagage and licences (agriculture, horse management, … ).

Terms & Conditions

  • DA is a private facility and open to clients every day day from 9h00 till 21h00,
  • Visitors are welcome, please make an appointment by contacting Dimitri (mobile +32 476 66 14 04 or mail),
  • Dogs are NOT allowed (we love dogs, but we’ve got 2 male Australian Shepherds),
  • DA is not responsible for any accidents. Riders take full responsibility for their actions and should be covered by appropriate insurances.
  • Horses (pension & training) are welcome in our barn after accepting the Navema contract and showing an up-to-date vaccination book,
  • Pension payments are due the first of every month.

A copy of the complete list of all terms & conditions is available by mail.

Barn Rules

  • If you ride it, feed it.
  • If it drinks water, give it some.
  • If you unlock it, lock it back up.
  • If you open it, close it.
  • If you borrow it, return it.
  • If you don’t know, ask.
  • If you lose it, replace it.
  • If you smoke, DON’T.
  • If you leave a mess, clean it up.
  • If you break it, you pay for it.
  • If you turn it on, turn it off.
  • If you break it, fix it.
  • If you move it, put it back.
  • If you throw it down, pick it up.
  • If you fall off, get back on.
  • If you drive it, check the oil.