Below you’ll find our rates for 2022. For more details, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Stable (only in combination with a training program)
    • reiner -> 400 euro VAT inclusive a month;
      • access to the infrastructure (see terms & conditions),
        • covered arena
          • 33 m x 66 m with reining soil,
          • & dragged the Italian way.
        • spacious barn with all necessary comfort,
          • hot & cold shower,
          • automatic Suevia water dispensers (with Suevia heating system),
          • slow feeders,
          • 2 tack rooms (1 open to clients),
          • solarium,
          • 2 separated alleys,
          • 30 boxes 3m x 3m,
          • aerated and ‘arena dust free’ barn.
        • access to walker (diameter 15m),
        • & access to the paddocks.
      • quality feed
        • 2 to 3 times a day a quality sport mix by Lannoo,
        • hay & alfalfa hay (Luzerne).
  • extras -> basic + € of number(s) VAT inclusive;
      1. adapted feeding program; When recovering or building up to the event of the year. Necessary supplements or changes to the basic feeding program may be necessary. For this, we can count on specialists to evaluate and adapt the feeding program for a short period. -> + 35 euro a month.
      2. shavings or pellets; For medical reasons or other, we offer your horse a bedding of shavings or pellets instead of one of straw.  -> +25 euro a month.
      3. transport; We dispose of a EU horse transport license and a full option Fautras Oblic 3+ trailer (town by a Toyota Hilux). We offer transport (only training horses) to shows, clinics, … or vet check. We use a flat fee of 0,50 cent/km transporting your horses (inside the Benelux, outside highway fares are added). 
  • Mare Hotel600 euro VAT inclusive (doesn’t include vet or medical expenses);
    • Foaling; During foaling season, we accept mares for foaling. We dispose of 2 stalls 4,5 by 3m with 24h/24h video surveillance. Your mare gets all the attention that’s needed before and after foaling.
    • Breeding; We work closely together with (y)our vet and stallion owners to get your mares in foal. We adapt their feed, put them daily in our paddocks, … in order to give them all confort they need. We can accept mares for insemination with fresh, cooled or frozen semen.
  •  Accommodation
    • External riders are welcome to train in our arena, this prior to a reservation (mobile +32476661404). Pricing for use of our arena is as follows;
      • 1 session (= 1 horse) > 10 euro iVAT,
      • monthly fee (based on a max. of 2 sessions a week) > 60 euro iVAT,
      • other formulas are possible on demand.
    • Looking to rent the whole accommodation for a clinic or event? Please contact Dimitri on +3247661404.

A specific demand? Questions? Don’t hesitate and just ask.

DA Stables is a private facility. Prior to stabling a horse or entering our infrastructure, please read our ‘terms and conditions‘. By accessing our infrastructure, you’re accepting all conditions.