Below you’ll find our basic rates for 2017. For more details, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Pension – starting at 300 euro VAT inclusive;
    • basic -> 300 euro VAT inclusive;
      • access to the infrastructure (see terms & conditions),
        • covered arena > 30 m x 60 m,
        • spacious barn with all confort,
          • hot & cold shower,
          • tack room,
          • 2 separated alleys,
          • 30 boxes 3m x 3m,
          • aerated and ‘arena dust free’ barn,
        • access to the paddocks.
      • quality feed (2 times a day a recreational mix + 1 portion hay),
    • extras -> 300 euro + € of number(s) VAT inclusive;
      1. adapted feeding program; We treat every horse as an atlete. In consensus with trainer, vet, … or feeding advisors. We optimalise the feeding program (volume, ratio & product) to help your athlete perform at his best. We offer extra hay + Guidolin Wafer Fioc, QuarterMix,  Breeding or Fiber feeds (by Lannoo). -> + 35 euro a month.
      2. paddock service; Your horse is released daily (or on demand) by us in one of the paddocks. -> +25 euro a month or 1,5 euro a day,
      3. shavings or pellets; For medical reasons or other, we offer your horse a bedding of shavings or pellets instead of one of straw.  -> +15 euro a month.
  • Mare Hotel400 euro VAT inclusive (doesn’t include vet or medical expenses);
    • Foaling; During foaling season, we accept mares for foaling. We dispose of 2 stalls 4,5 by 3m with 24h/24h video surveillance. Your mare gets all the attention that’s needed before and after foaling.
    • Breeding; We work closely together with (y)our vet and stallion owners to get your mares in foal. We adapt their feed, put them daily in our paddocks, … in order to give them all confort they need. Currently, we only accept mares for live cover and insemination of fresh or cooled semen.
  • Training & Lessons
    1. western – reining; read more.
    2. classic – pony club; 2 times a week (Wednesday evening and Saturday), we open our infrastructure to young and young of hearth. For more information, please contact Brigitte Agneessens at +32 474 73 86 81 (Dutch and French) or Dimitri at +32 476 66 14 04.

A specific demand? Questions? Don’t hesitate and just ask.

DA Stables is a private facility. Prior to stabling a horse or entering our infrastructure, please read our ‘terms and conditions‘.