Fall isn’t that far away …

Hi all,

Until now, it has been an incredible summer. But after 8 weeks of sun and hot temperatures, our prairies were more then happy to welcome rain and colder temperatures. It made us realise that ‘Fall’ is around the corner … So it’s time to prepare ourselves for the time ahead and reserve a spot in our barn for your horses.

At DA Stables, we try to offer every reiner & western rider ‘value for money’. We’re not ‘gunning’ for the elite few … No, we’re open to all and offer the same quality service through the year. Our infrastructure consists out of a covered arena (66 metres by 33 metres), paddocks & prairies and +30 stalls in a separated and well aerated barn. The barn has all necessary comfort to pamper your horses (2 hot & cold shower spaces, tack room, automatic water dispensers, …). We’re feeding top feed from Lannoo (& Guidolin), dispose of our own hay reserves and use quality straw (or other beddings). For your peace of mind, their is a 24h/24h on site survey with camera surveillance.

If you are looking for a nice place? Or just needing a new spark to get to another Level? Come and share you’re passion with us! Pay us a visit … We’ve a few stalls open and would love to meet you all.